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Welcome to the Pigs and Piggy banks Shop

About us

This is the Pigs and Piggy Bank shop, we started this shop in an effort to allow our visitors to find many different categories of pig related gifts and presents. We have compiled various categories from pottery piggy banks and plastic piggy banks to pig ornaments and money boxes, these are updated in real time from US and UK auction sites giving you a dynamic shop environment without the hassle of scouring the web for gifts yourself. If you don't find the pig category you need then let us know and we will add a new category, after all we are here to provide you with piggy related gifts at the click of a mouse.


Browse from the pig related categories on the left to find the piggy bank, pig statue, or money box you require, or check out our pig related links section to find some more great piggy web sites.

Recent Updates to Pigs and Piggy Banks

May 19th

Updates to pigsandpiggybanks will no longer be listed here.

Nov 1st

Pigs and Piggy banks goes live. Finally time to collect my thoughts and get some rest.

Oct 28th 07

Testing of the piggy bank store and other shop sections including swear jar and money boxes are now complete. This is always the fun part

Oct 27th 07

Pigs and piggy banks site is now complete and ready for testing, we have also added a swear box / swear jar page.

Oct 26th 07

We have completed the Piggy bank sections of the site. We decided on plastic, metal, wooden, ceramic and pottery.

Oct 25th 07

We have completed the links sections of the pigs and piggy banks site, it took a while to collect all the links we wanted and was not much fun.

Oct 24th 07

Completion of the pigs and piggy banks logo has been achieved, we wanted something fun and bright and i think we have achieved this. Also registration of pigsandpiggybanks.com has been completed.

Aug - Sep 07

Concept for pigs and piggy banks store was thought up after unsuccessful searching for a piggy bank money box.


The Pigs and Piggy Bank shop is the place to buy piggy bank and money boxes - All pages copyright pigsandpiggybanks.com